Distributor Spotlight: Total Battery

Total Battery, for almost 30 years, has been focused on bringing the most advanced battery and power technologies to the market place.  They have established manufacturer distribution relationships with most of the premium battery and power solution technology providers. These unique relationships enable Total Battery to be your one stop shop for all your battery and power solution needs. If you are looking for specific brands, Total Battery has the resources and relationships to access the product. If you are looking for particular chemistries like TPPL AGM lead, Carbon Foam, Lithium, Silicon Dioxide, Nimh/Nicad Wet, Flooded lead or primary Alkaline/lithium they are your source.  It is a very exciting time in the industry to be able to bring to the consumer power solutions that really match the power demand for each customer.  

The Total Battery business sales model is different in that they work with our re-seller network more like a buying group, by simply being a one stop source for access to products that you may not carry or may not have sufficient demand to stock.  They offer the absolute lowest possible margin (structured on varying volume purchase levels) to ensure you can penetrate the market with best possible profit margin. The reseller is required to finance their own inventory (all orders pre-paid bank wires no terms or credit card payments). Basically, a “no frills” store where you have access to top brands and chemistries at the lowest price and the ability to mix and match brands in one stock order.  They are consistently adding new brands, chemistries and technologies to their buying group. 

For more information on Total Battery, check out their:

Website www.totalbattery.com

Twitter  https://twitter.com/totalbattery_

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TotalBattery

YOU TUBE   https://www.youtube.com/user/TotalbatteryTV/videos

For any questions about their brands and for more buying group details, please contact customerservice@totalbattery.com.

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